Buddha Bearing Whipple VS Crucial Grooved Bearing


So guys, Buddha Bearing Whipple VS Crucial Grooved Bearing

I can get a 4 pack of either for only $15-$16 and haven’t tried either. I like the price and I need some extra brearings. What do you think about the quality of these bearings?

Also is the crucial bearing 10 ball, I know the whipple is according to a description?

Thanks for any help you can offer!


Crucial grooved hands down.

The whipple isn’t bad but in comparison to others it’s the worst concave bearing I’ve ever used, and I’ve used many different types


Whipple is a lot better. I tried both in an Aftershock, and the Whipple spun much smoother.

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The crucial grooved gets my vote.


Only 1? I bought 2 4 packs, so I’ve had 8. All were loud and scratchy new, with some lube they got a little quieter but not as quiet as any other lubed concave bearing Ige tried, and that includes the CT.

The whipple also die quicker then any other concave bearing I’ve played, lasts a little longer then a generic 8 ball bearing.

Crucial grooved is much better, I promise you.


They were the fathers of grooved bearings!
And Crucial’s just super awesome anyways.


Funny… I’ve had pretty good experiences with my whipples. Maybe its just me.


Me too… They’re pretty good bearings that spin long enough and mine were quiet. I bought 8 of them and haven’t had a problem with a single one. All were pretty quiet, spin a good amount of time, and don’t provide any problems during binding.


Thanks for all the comments so far guys. I’m getting pretty conflicting answers so far so it seems like either bearing will be fine.

But are the crucial grooves 10 balled bearings?

Decision was made:

Bought 3 Crucial Bearings at $4 a piece.

Thanks again everybody.