WHip String Review

so i got the sting a few days ago, and imediately popped it on my bvm.

First Thoughts: it has a really nice feel to it, it is true to its name, in that it is good for whips/slacks/suicides. There were no flaws in the string, and it looked pretty cool as well. The main problem i found in the first few throws was the string tension. It needed to be adjusted alot, and it wasnt very good with a high string tension.

After Some Testing:It played pretty well right out of the envelope, and continues to play great. After about a week, the string is getting worn down but it still plays decently. It is still holding slacks and suicides. It also held its own as the humidity got higher. There wasnt much i could find wrong with the string, aside from the string tension, that required adjusting more frequently than other strings ive used.

Final Verdict: Not the best string out there, but it is very good. I probably wont replace my g string with it but if run out of string and dont have enough money for gs, then whip string would be my next choice.

I would recomend trying some. Just PM Metal Man

Pictures would help and a little longer?

You can put more detail. :slight_smile: