Whip String Review by: Brayten Gahimer

Okay, The first Time I reviewed this string it Had a really bad loop problem(the loop that goes around the bearing) was really loose and couldn’t be used. So, Wanna know if it was fixed this time? Keep reading and find out. ;D

First Impressions:
Well, I got the string the Same day I got my NATS FHZ from Josh(AKA Jayyo). So, when I pulled the String out it was a Sweet Red White Color, I called it Candy Cane Remix, I immediately checked the loop. it was together but was it tight enough. So, I popped it on the FHZ and found out, but I’ll get to that later… ;D

Okay, I’m not gonns lie it was a little rough, but when broken in it was as soft as a Babies Bottom:).
I really like the feel.

It lasts about 2 days before it gets fuzzy but I’m still useing it.

This stuff is the Ducks Nuts, it is a Slack, Whip, and Suicide Machine. It’ll handle anything with ease. Way better than High Lights. And the Loop was perfect it didn’t loosen at all. I highly reccomend it to every one to at least try.

Final Thoughts:
Get this at least to try, I love this stuff it won’t pass up my Alchemy or Angel Hair. But, this is really good. You won’t go wrong with Whip String. ;D ;D