Whip or Duncan XT

I yo-yoed at work a bit, and now two coworkers asked about yo-yos for their kids, and if I had extras. No, not even my MYYs which would be useless to them anyway. :slight_smile: Why does that smile look passive-aggressive to me now?

Which is better whip or XT? They are in the price range. Have never played them. I did play a Recess First base, and thought it was way too light, at least for me.




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  • YYF Whip
  • Duncan Butterfly XT

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the Whip

I would go with the new Butterfly XT over the Whip, but I would probably also say Spinstar over both of them. The Spinstar is really good for young kids, it responds really well even with really weak throws.


The whip will take them the farthest in their yoyo journey!


How old are the kids? I havnt tried a whip but the XT my 4 year old and 6 year old can use. I would imagine the starburst response makes it a lot easier. Because if the kids are older than that, their coordination might develop quicker and an XT might be very limiting shortly after.

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Yeah, @FrankieJR kinda echoes my thoughts as well. Whenever I think about what yoyos I’d want to have on hand for introducing yoyoing to beginners, I am also trying to think ahead a bit.

Most who try it will never go past throwing a sleeper or a forward pass, and for them there’s no reason to have anything but a Butterfly XT or a Spinstar on hand. But for those few who master those early basics quickly, it may be worthwhile to have something more robust to give them, like a First Base or a Sage. But how long does it take these quick learners to reach that point, on average?

Does it make sense to have a suite of yoyos, from XT to Shutter, in a yoyo case ready for whenever someone is ready to “take the next step”? Or does it only make sense to have a bunch of XTs or Spinstars on hand and then tell them what yoyo to get next (on their own) when they’re ready?


Went with spinstar.

Never tried any of the 3, and Garret has tried them all.