Best YoYo to gift?

I’ve given away a bunch of Fizz yoyo’s and 1 spinstar. They’re great for beginners but I don’t feel like they will allow that person to progress very far should they outgrow the “up-down”.

I’m debating trying the YYF One or Whip. Maybe a duncan butterfly? Is the YYF Whip responsive out the of box?

Maybe its safest to stay away from bearing yoyos? I don’t know?

Who has a favorite yoyo they like to give away?

Fizz ($9.99)
Spinstar ($4.99)
YYF Whip ($5.99)
butterfly XT ($8.99)
yyf One ($9.99) - new bearing and pads for unresponsive
Sage ($12.99)
Veloctiy ($14.99)
YYF Grind Machine ($14.99)
Recess First Base ($19.99)
replay pro
Duncan Pro Z ($10) - With Mod spacer
Magicyoyos T9 or V3 ($10-15)


I always keep a couple butterfly XT on hand to give away to absolute beginners, it is has nice responsive behavior but still sleeps well enough to learn some tricks. And its very inexpensive. I grabbed a half dozen yyf one when I found them on sale, I gave all those away, the nice thing about the one is a change to full width bearing keeps it semi responsive and then when the player is ready you can swap the pads to make it fully unresponsive. I’ve not tried the whip, but it looks like it might be a really good choice I like its shape better and it costs less than the one. It looks like it has a long axle so going to a full width bearing shouldn’t be a problem. I’ve given away a couple plastic grind machines also, which is fun for people because hubstacks on a responsive yoyo makes for some easy cool tricks. You can upgrade the bearing in a pgm also, but I prefer the way it plays responsive.

I’m also also going to pick up a couple mojo and speedaholics on my next order, to have as loaner or give away unresponsives.


The butterfly xt is very capable for all beginner tricks I think. I have tried a one and i enjoyed it very much. You can upgrade it I think to be unresponsive, but it might be easier/cheaper for a xt and just get another yoyo when they are ready to go unresponsive. I don’t really meet many that get into it. I just give away my beater plastic (replay pro) that I use, if some one gets really into it.


Yeah, I’ve lost track of how many yoyos I’ve given away. I’ve had two where I know somebody went on to get more serious, my (eventual) son-in-law and the more interesting one is I gave a couple yoyos to a coworker, and he got good enough to do binds and basic tricks and still plays some but his middle school aged son got a lot more interested in it and I wound up giving him an alta and a couple other nice monometals. I have a nephew who I haven’t seen in about a year, thanks pandemic, who was also getting pretty good with a butterfly XT. I’m planning on giving him something better next time I see him.


First Base

Great at everything. Never gets old.


I hear a lot of people say first base. That comes with the ability to be responsive or unresponsive right? I think anything with that option would be a great choice. I started on a transaxle and subconsciously want new throwers to suffer at least a little bit and not immediately be able to go unresponsive.:smiling_imp:


I’m a huge fan of the Duncan Pro Z. You use to be able to find them at Walmart for just $10 and they’re such a good value at that!
And it’s actually a nice playing yo-yo that can grow with their skill level. Start out responsive, then mod it to go unresponsive needing a bind…and they can even learn to loop with it!


Magicyoyos are typically very good value for the money, and several come with 2 bearings so you can swap it out from being responsive to unresponsive once you’ve advanced to that point. Something like the T9 or V3 which can be found for $10-15


I think that’s what I’m really debating… whether or not to use a yoyo that can be transformed into an unresponsive throw. But that begs the question…

I guess if someone really does get into it, they’re going to come back asking more. At which point…

I like this choice but maybe a little expensive. I’m always wanting to pick one up for myself to try :slight_smile: I feel the same about the reply Pro. I’ll get to try that one on Christmas as its going to end up in my daughters stocking. :wink:

@twitch77 - I didn’t know this one before today. I came across it in my research and the mod spacer looks promising. I will definitely try this option at some point.

@dynikus - Maygicyoyo is another I’ll get to try on Christmas. OMG. too funny. They have so many darn options its tuff to navigate. I will look at the T9 and V3 though.

Thanks everyone for chiming in. I’m trying to spread the J.O.Y. I guess if 1 out of 100 bites then that’s one more in the world.


Yes. It’s excellent at both.

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Can anyone confirm that the Whip is responsive out of the box? The description says so but the YYE tag say Unresponsive. @YoYoExpertGarrett, maybe you know. The YYF website doesn’t specify.

It definitely comes responsive. I’ve seen them sell an unresponsive version, but it was clearly marked.

It’s also an excellent beginner yoyo, I prefer it to the Butterfly XT. The size, shape, and material make more comfortable to catch and less painful on accidental returns. I would not recommend playing it unresponsive, though.

The First Base isn’t really an option because it’s sold out everywhere. IMO it’s also too pricey to give to someone who might not use it for more than a couple hours.


Yes. Comes unresponsive with thick pads. You’ll prolly wanna swap for thinner pads and lube bearing.

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First Base, if you can find it in stock. Was going to give some for Christmas but no luck. Maybe next year.

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Yeah, the Whip comes responsive. We had an unresponsive version in the past which is why it was marked that way, just fixed it.

As far as best yoyo to gift - The YYF Spinstar is one of my favorites. Very easy for beginners to learn with and a great price!