Best give away, beginner yoyos


I love giving yoyos away to people who are interested in learning to yoyo. The smile on their face when you tell them they can keep the yoyo is worth every penny. I’m looking to stock up again soon on more giveaway plastics. I want the yoyo to be under $15 and easily accessible (hence all the yyf present and all available on yye). Here is my list of potentials:

Around the world
Loop 720
Spin star
Fast 201
Replay (not pro)

Thoughts on what to pass on? I’m thinking I might skip the transaxle yoyos and 720. Other than that, I’m not sure. Or should I just get one of each and figure it out from there? Thank you for your time and help! :blush:


I have a topic on this here

(ChrisFrancz) #3

Hans recommened the yyf Arrow which is new and the bearing can be switched out to unresponsive. It has pads though so that’s something of a hurdle if you give it to a kid you will never see again. It’ll stop returning to his or her hand which may cause someone to quit. Aaargh - something with a starburst? @codinghorror what about the pads? They may think their yoyo broke when they wear out - assuming you may never see the kid again. I have 2 yyf Plus and a Proyo in the package ready to give away when the opportunity comes. Not sure on those either.

(Mark) #4

I really liked how good the whip was for it’s price. The spin star is probably better for younger players, though. It’s similar to the YYF Plus which I’ve given away before.

I really need to find a bulk catalog somewhere.


Whip would be my choice if you want a bearing yo-yo, but proyo is a great choice too just because it’s so inexpensive and very easy for beginners to return to their hand. Also - If you want to order any yo-yo in bulk for giveaway purposes or clubs let us know and we can set you up with a discount. :grin:

(ChrisFrancz) #6

Pretty sure Spinstar and Plus are EXACTLY the same except for branding. I have both and can’t see or feel the difference.

(ChrisFrancz) #7

@YoYoExpertGarrett This is great to know, thank you! I work at a big resort in the recreation department and my boss encourages to me throw at work and he has asked me to do a scheduled activity with yoyoing.


I dunno, I personally won’t give beginners anything but a bearing based, silicone pad response yoyo. So that rules out the really low end stuff. I don’t feel transaxle, fixed axle, and starburst are represenative of modern yo-yoing…

({John15}) #9

Right, but I started with a Duncan butterfly. I had the tenacity to do my homework, and discovered the world of modern responsive/unresponsive.

At the end of the day, they’re just toys after all. Fixed axle isn’t any more outdated than modern (bearing)responsive In my opinion.


I can hear @codinghorror furiously typing his response from my desk :wink:


I’d contact Tyler at Recess, or Ben & Hans at YYF. I’ve heard they’ll set people up with good deals on bulk yoyos for just the reason you mentioned.

I’d look at the First Base and the YYF One or Replay.

Hope this is ok to mention here on the forums.


Well, yes, if yo-yo productivity is not at desired levels, the beatings should continue until they are :wink:

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My own experience teaching kids would encourage me to suggest fewer parts for younger kids. Starbursts work great for younger kids. Kids get weird things in yoyos and their yoyos get into weird things. Age matters when giving someone a yoyo. I’ve seen so many kids take yoyos apart in grassy and sandy areas only to drop the axles and bearings, poof gone forever.

Older kids I’ve actually given very nice metals and sometimes the same thing happens lol.

My suggestion:

  1. Consider the age and common sense of the individual when choosing a type of yoyo to give them.
  2. Consider their ability and interest in actually maintaining a yoyo. Maintaining something can take away from the fun of using it when learning, especially for the very young.
  3. Use something inexpensive and fun when you yo in public and give that very yoyo away.
  4. Actually don’t be all that picky about what you give away. I often would hunt for deals on large quantities of decent yoyos, then give them all away. Everyone was always happy.
  5. Consider that if you give yoyos to friends, you may be the one maintaining them.
  6. Remember small acts of kindness are usually appreciated and remembered . Good on you for giving joy!


For the record, I still enjoy a good Butterfly session, but I wouldn’t give one to a noob and expect them to enjoy it. I’d say maybe 1 out of 20 would have the tenacity to keep going and learning. Definitely better to go with an inexpensive bearing yoyo

(ChrisFrancz) #15

Were these kids using a One Drop or a Yoyo Factory? Hard to see on my iphone! I understand the points everyone is making. They’re all very good.

(⛷ Noisy Lurker) #16

The one to ask would be @jhb8426 as I believe he is the boy in the shorts, knee shocks, and striped shirt. :rofl:

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Ummmm, actually, that’s @codinghorror.

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Is it? Maybe @smileypants (didn’t want ya to feel left out).




Yes. Actually, it was a BC Classic, #001.