Whim Tutorial

I’m really excited about this trick, so I wanted to specifically make a post about it.

Here’s the brand-spankin’ new tutorial (just uploaded this morning) from Rethinkyoyo for “Whim”

And, as some of you know, there’s even more at www.rethinkyoyo.com, so check them out! :slight_smile:

AWWSOME!!! Got to learn it!

Did I yell to loud?

Very very nice trick! Well done!

Did you come up with that one?

The top-hat made me smile… kinda makes you look like a stage magician, with the black curtain in the background and all. Cool, a kid with STYLE! 8)

Thank you both :slight_smile:

Yes I came up with it, though parts were inspired by different people.

And no, yelling is perfectly acceptable. Thanks for learning it man, I hope more people do.

No. Thank you!!! You helped me learn a new trick!!! :smiley:

I can see some guy wright in that trick, any chance he had some influence?

Awesome trick man. Definitely gonna have to learn this once I get theorem done better. I love your site btw. Its were i go to learn a lot of my stuff. Keep them coming! ;D

Alex, yes! Guy Wright was probably the biggest influencer; I’m glad you noticed. haha He’s one smooth thrower. It’s great to hear you like the site man! I have lots of ideas for more tutorials, so definitely keep checking in.

Wicked trick. What yoyo was that in the tutorial.

Thanks, and the yoyo I used was the Tactic. Amazing yoyo… it’s one of those yoyos that makes you wonder why any yoyo needs to be over that price point.

Trying to learn this trick now it’s just as awesome as all of your other tricks.

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Great trick. Grats. ITs also an amazingly clean simple and easy to follow tut. Which im sure all that watch it apreicate. Well done.

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