Idiom Tutorial

A lot has been going on, but now that it’s all starting to cool off, Rethinkyoyo finally has a new tutorial up.

Check it out, learn it, and let me know what you think. :)  And remember, there’s plenty more tricks to learn on


Nice one! I’ll try to learn it next. Thanks for sharing.

One thing though, just from watching, I somehow feel it looks kinda “un-finished”… like, right at the end, you drop everything and end up in a trapeze…
It’s all good I guess. Was just the very first thought after watching it.

BTW, what yoyo is that?

Nice flow. :slight_smile:

basically what he said except i don’t agree on it feeling unfinished, the droping seems to go with the flow of the trick to me. I’m gonna learn this one.

Hey Daf. Yeah, I guess it may feel a little like that, but I actually really wanted to have that “dropping” moment in there. Sort of reminiscent of Red Clover, if you know what I mean. I try to use different techniques and concepts in all the advanced tricks on the site so it’s all well-rounded. Maybe the execution was less than perfect, but oh well, I’m still pretty happy with how the trick came out. The yoyo, btw, was a 1drop P2.

Thanks Belnumcree :slight_smile:

Glad you liked the trick M2, and awesome that you’re gonna learn it!

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You guys make me wanna load this video on my 56k.

I may do it while I sleep tonight, I’m sure it’ll be awesome.

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sweet trick!!! wow… just dont like the name, but wow… that is awesome

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I really like the flow of that trick. Looks very nice!

You’ve got great style. Love the flow.

That is one of the best tutorials I have ever witnessed! :o

I can’t do this because my wrist and thumb are paralyzed.


Thanks very much guys!!

I don’t know how to respond to this since I have no clue if it’s a serious statement or a joke. lol

I don’t know how to respond to this since I have no clue if it’s a serious statement or a joke. lol
A bit of both, lol. I posted it just to see the reaction because it’s such an awkward statement, but my wrist and thumb really are temporarily paralyzed.

Ouch man, that must really stink! Although, it’s a great time to come up with some awesome one-handed combos and tricks. :slight_smile:

Hmm… The move at 2:15 really bothers me. When I pop the yoyo up, and let it fall behind my arm, the yoyo swings towards my throw hand instead of away from my throw hand.
And yeah, it needs to swing away from throw hand, so I can go right it to the next move where you swing the yoyo to the front again…
Any suggestions? I must be doing something wrong on that catch behind the arm, but I can’t figure out what it is… :frowning:

I’ve been thinking about this, and I can’t quite figure out what you could be doing wrong either. No matter which way I try the move, I can’t get it to swing that way, interestingly enough. The only thing I can think of to tell you is that it’s about that time in the trick that it becomes sort of a front style trick. You almost have to turn your whole body to the left (right if your left-handed). Just doing that might help you out a little.

If you want, you could send me a PM with a vid of you doing that part just to let me know what you’re doing. Make an unlisted video on YouTube or something, it works for me. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply!
I don’t have a camera, so I can’t do that. But instead I’ve got an illustration, so maybe it can clarify what goes wrong.

The illustration is from where the palm is upwards, and you catch the yoyo behind the arm.
My question is, if the string on your finger is like picture 1 or 2. Because I get it like picture 1 all the time - wich makes the yoyo swing towards the throw hand.
If I could get the string around my finger like in picture 2 - it would make the yoyo swing away from throwhand.
If it should be like picture 2, I just have to figure out what goes wrong with pop/catch.

Illustration is here

Okay, first off… nice sketching, man. I’ve always wanted to be able to sketch, but never been able to.

Anyway, illustration 1 was definitely correct. Maybe you just need to let the yoyo fall farther to the right (i.e., closer to your throwhand) so that it has a tendency to swing to the left. Like… this (hope you don’t mind I took your image :)):

I’m also gonna PM you a vid in a second…

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If only I could say it was my sketch… It was a picture a found on the internet :slight_smile:
But yeah, I do like drawing - but it’s another hobby I don’t spend as much time on - as I would like to.

But back to the topic. Crazy you made an extra video for me, to show the move. Thanks alot! It clearly shows that I have been doing it correct, but I just have to practice getting the motion down. Your suggestion on how to practice the motion seems brilliant - and I think it will work.
Your illustration makes sense aswell! :slight_smile:
Oh, and your video is with red protostar. Just got one myself a few days ago. I love it! :slight_smile:

Once again: thanks alot