Newbie - cant make a "move"

i just bought a new yo-yo
it’s called DragonFly DUNCAN
now i tried to make the third trick from the intermediate but i couldnt do it cus
i allways missed the string
and yes i tried from close range it’s just dont work
u can maybe give me some tips how to make it right?

What are you talking about? That makes no sense. You got the Duncan Dragonfly. You can’t do third trick. What third trick? Third trick on the list? If so counting 3 by horizontal or vetically?

Trapeze or Double or Nothing?

I think it’s probably trapeze.

After you throw the yoyo, when the string hits your non-throwhand index finger try to get it so that your finger is perpendicular to the string. And try not to let your hands move back and forth too much. If everything is lined up properly, the yoyo should land right on the string.

Just keep practicing it. Keeping your fingers and string in the right position is something that your body just gets used to with practice. But once you’re able to do it for this trick, it will make learning other tricks easier.

Let’s wait for the OP to respond back with clarification.
Since he’s hailing from Israel, based on flag, chances there’s a serious time difference that has to be dealt with.

To Meir21:
Please be thorough and exact when stating what trick you’re having a problem with.

If it is trapeze, I was given a few good tips. Move your finger across the string and outwards towards the yoyo. It will help straighten things out and should help land it. It works for me. Regardless, this is ALSO going to take a lot of practice. It’s a very critical building block trick

Sorry for the confusing yes i meant to the trapeze trick
i just wanna know if it will take me a lot of time to practice on it?
because i tried to do it a lot of time and only 1 time succesed
and i thoght that i’m doing some thing wrong
so ty for the tips i will keep practice on it

You’re welcome.

I’m rather new too. I’ve been at it almost 3 and a half months now. You’re going to find the following:

Some tricks will come easier than other tricks. There’s no reason for that. Some people get things easier than others.

For example, trapeze was a bit hard, but double or nothing was rather easy for me. Brain Twister was easy, yet Split The Atom is what I’m working through right now and I’m having issues with it.

With trapeze, you want to throw your break-away super straight and then keep your arms as parallel and even as possible, both up/down and front/back. Just keep at it. Worse case scenario is that even though the learning videos here are really good, there’s also many other places to view videos. You may wish to check out some other sites for tutorials. Since each person brings a slightly different take on the same trick, you never know what tutorial will offer that extra little bit of information that will help you get through a trick you may be struggling with.

Now go back to having fun!

It wont take you long to nail trapeze. Keep practicing though, my friend kept practicing for days until one day he said he landed it.

Yes, run your non-throwhand finger down the trapeze to straighten things out and it makes the yo yo fling upwards around the trapeze. Then make the trapeze get on yoyo (or swapped).

ok ty i will practice on it
one more question :smiley:
why my Yo-Yo finger looks like it’s cut to 2 pices

maybe because you just starting to yoyo and you haven’t build up a callus. it hurts doesn’t it? just takes time to build the callus.

should be a callus? sounds wierd

Funny I’ve been yoyoing so long with no callus.