which yoyo

which yoyo should i get markmont next or supernova? and will when the markmont next be restocked?

mmn for sure

enough said

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Supernova definitely.
Amazing profile.
7075 aluminum.

Doesn’t get much better than that

Never tried a Supernova, but I love my MMN!

I haven’t tried a SuperNova, but it mostly reminds me of a metal protostar/northstar, and I like those. The specs also suggest it’s a yoyo I would probably like. I like stuff in the full sized range and at that rate and heavier. The price is also good so it hits all the stuff I can use to make a somewhat educated guess that this yoyo could end up in my collection some day.

Some day. Not today.


Because I do have a MMN. It’s actually my first One Drop I received. Regardless of it being the first One Drop I received, I do like my Code 1 more, but that’s not the issue here. I REALLY like the MMN even though it’s smaller and lighter than my typical preferences. It does feel a bit heavy, but that’s when it’s in the hand and not in motion. It’s got the weight right where it needs to be and in just the right way. It’s smooth and moves easily. But it’s not a fair comparison, especially since I’ve never had a Supernova in my hand, and I own a MMN.

The MMN also has a somewhat familiar and safe shape for the most part. It’s not like the shape is anything amazing or out there. It’s rather plain, using the same shape that is used in other yoyos I have, one being the YYF dv888 and the Crucial Half & Half. However, the MMN has these rings inside the yoyo, which are for grinds. I can’t grind yet, but some day i will. I’m kind of not liking my H&H, but I think it’s because the response hasn’t really broken in, but I did put a KK in there and it seems to behave better, and I can’t wait to put a Crucial Grooved bearing in there. The guy I throw with loves the grooved bearings and I’ve played a few, and all I can say is based on what yoyos of his I have tried with the grooved bearings, it’s been an ideal pairing. The dv888, which is a bit more fair being closer in size, shape and weight, it’s like the MMN is what the dv888 dreams it could become, does a really good job, but it’s just decent yoyo, nothing great, but nothing bad either.

The MMN does not use the OD side effects, so it is what it is. However, what it is, it is something really good.

I’ve played other YYF’s recently. The dv888 is the only metal YYF that I own that I can play. The mighty Flea is the other, but I can’t really do much with that yet. I played a Superstar and liked that a lot. In comparison, I played a Skyline and didn’t really care for it. Same costs, but vastly different. So I can see what a “high priced” YYF can feel like.

Using that as a “reference”… and having 2 other One Drops(Code 1 and 54, and a Burnside will be coming soon) to also use as a reference, I just gotta say that for the money, I think the MMN would kick the supernova’s butt. I don’t want to say anything had about YYF because in general I like the company. But, from what I see with One Drop, they are under-pricing their yoyos(uh oh, I know this is gonna cause trouble.) when you consider price vs. performance, One Drop can’t really be touched. At the same time, I really like the One Drop products and my preferences to play a factor. Your preferences may differ. I still stay MMN.

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MMN is sexier and more unique and is undersize. The Supernova is fullsize, and a much better performer but I found it a bit heavy.