Which yoyo will fit my personal yoyo style better?

I’m looking to purchase a new throw for my birthday in May, I’ve been doing a lot of research for the perfect one. I was just looking for suggestions for more throws to research.

This is a modified version of this template from a YoYoNation sticky. Which can be found here:http://www.yoyonation.com/talk/index.php/topic,128.msg751.html#msg751

-Do you know how to bind the yoyo? I do indeed.

-Skill level? I’m working on the advanced part 1 section.

-Do you have a yoyo that you own or played with that you have liked very much? No, as of now I only own a YYF Speed Dial which I don’t really like because its really small, I don’t like starburst response systems and it wobbles pretty quickly.

-Do you have a preferred shape of the yoyo? The H-shape yoyo is my favorite.

-Do you have a preferred weight or weight distribution? I do not.

-Do you have a price range? Nope.

-Do you have a certain amount of yoyos narrowed down? Nope.

-Do you prefer a certain brand? I like YYF throws, but I am open to any brand.

-Are you looking for a yoyo that specializes a style? I am looking for a 1A throw.

-Do you prefer a certain response system? Nope.

-Do you want a ring grove for ring grinds? Not really my thing, but I’d be open to new possibilities if it doesn’t give up performance.

a one drop code 1 is a great throw that fits pretty well.

The onedrop burnside is a great h shape yoyo . Also the yyf supernova.

Skill level?

Get a super G! Its much bigger than a speed dial, spins like forever, is an h shape, and is by yoyofactory! I belive youll be quite fond of it! :wink:

I’ll add the skill level in there. I’m working on the advanced part 1. Really hard to do with the speed dial.

The Speed Dial should be fine for Advanced Part 1.

I just don’t like the Speed Dial compared to some others. It doesn’t spin long for combos and starts to wobble. I guess it might be because I got it as a b-grade?

That shouldnt be an issue for the B grade Speed dials, if you bought it from yye, theflaw is only cosmetic and only make the ano more faded looking in soem parts. Im still recommending the super-g for ya! And try cleaning the bearing, or replacing it. A bearings seem to last shorter than c bearings in my experience.

You don’t need anything expensive until at least Expert. Get a Northstar.

When I was where you were in the tutorials I bought the one drop burnside. It’s a great yoyo and it has a quality bearing and response system.