advice on a choice of yo-yos

I just had a quick question to all of you. if i should get any yoyo out there, any at all what should i get. I’m not really asking what your personal favorite yoyo is, but rather what is the best overall. right now I’m throwin a mangaroo by recrev, and loving it. anything smooth and fast. especially smooth. i was just hoping to get some advice. and try not to let a price range influence what you say. thanks for reading my little speech :slight_smile:

personally my burnside is my smoothest throw…but almost any yoyo can be smooth in the right hands. like ann connelly useing a starbrite at EYYC for example lol

this should really be in the “looking for help/recommendation” section, but to answer your question, there is no best all around yoyo out there, unless you find one that fits your play style perfectly. just get whatever looks good to you and eventually you’ll find something you like.

but see i don’t really have the funds to go around searching for good yoyo. the only chance ill get soon to try yo-yos without actually buying any is at cal states, so other than that i don’t really have enough money to buy many yo-yos, so here I’m just trying to see what would be most likely to be a good choice, as there aren’t many good reviews out there of obscure yo-yos and you can’t really tell how a yoyo will be by what it says on yoyoexpert, so I want to know what yoyo would be the most likely to be a good fit.

Unfortunately without giving us really any background on what you look for in a throw, (fullsized/undersized, heavy/light, wide/thin, H-shape/organic…ect.), it would be really hard to determine what new yo-yo would be a good fit for you.

As it has been stated there is no best all around throw, what may be best for me, may not be best for you. If you want to go a bit more in depth as to what you prefer, it would be much easier narrowing down some options for you to pick from.

That being said I would personally recommend taking a look at OneDrops’ line, there isn’t a single throw I’ve played from them that I haven’t been blown away by. Especially the Burnside, and starting at only $85 you will be rather hard pressed finding a throw of that quality for less then $100.

Now if you’d like to go into a bit more detail as to what you prefer in a throw, I will gladly make some recommendation that I believe would be up your alley.


The Avalanche is really smooth, maybe you should try that out

  1. narrow down what you like in a yoyo. shape, size, weight, etc
  2. find yoyos that fit those specs
  3. look for reviews on them. there are plenty of places to find reviews. Here, highspeed, that other forum, sniffy does some, etc etc. just google it.
  4. ???
  5. Profit

thanks guys. for what i look for, its generally smooth smooth smooth. i like full sized more, with a wider gap rather than a thinner one. heavy more that light, but not too heavy. for shape i like something to be maybe like the avalanche, or more organic, but shape doesn’t affect my choice too much. i did try the avalanche, but it wasn’t my favorite. personally, i like the mangaroo that i have now more.

What didn’t you like about it?

Really, can we just stop with these “what’s the best” questions?

It all comes down to personal preferences. Best is relative to the end-user.

Having said that, my favorite yoyo is a DM2, followed by a Phenom, Code 1 and an Avalanche at the moment. BUt there’s so many I enjoy that I really don’t like placing them in an order. There are some I don’t like as much, but I also question how much of that is me with sloppy technique.

I would have to agree with gorillaz, and say go for the burnside. It fits into the general preferences you listed, and is one smoooooth throw. Plus for its price you can’t beat it. It’s one of the most beastly throws you can get for that price range, or any price for that matter.

thanks guys, ill make sure to try out this stuff at cal states :slight_smile: are any of you guys going? and do any of you have any idea who will be selling?

I think you should get hte mangaroo ;D

I’m running sound at CalStates. So, you’ll see ME there, but unless you introduce yourself to me, I may not see YOU there.

As far as who will be selling, I’m going to take a guess and say that any of the brand vendors may be selling, but that’s no guarantee of any sort. I’m hoping t bring some cash for spending, but I’m also hoping I’ll get a chance to spend it. If not, I’ll have my crew spend my money on stuff for me!

If you’re in the Sacramento area, I am trying to do weekly meets at a park near me in Elk Grove. If you can make it, let me know. You’re welcome to go through my entire case of goodies and see what you do or don’t like.

JK about the mangaroo. I’ve been using his mangaroo all weekend long ;DBut i have heard that the Di Baseis good.