Which yoyo to buy?

(YoYoBlaze) #1

I’m looking for yoyo’s , for future reference, to buy but not at this website. i wanna see yoyo’s different then the one’s seen at yoyoexpert.com
here’s what i’m looking for:
Diameter: around 2.15 in
Width: aound 1.50 in
Repsonse: doesn’t really matter
weight: around 65 grams

if you need to know any mre preferences just ask

(Cinimod105) #2

How about a kickside? You have to tell us a price.

(YoYoBlaze) #3

Oh sorry
Price: 50-150
Metal Rimmed or All Metal


how about a legacy. 2.18 diameter and 1.56 width. and its weight is 68 grams its really good and got great sleeps

(Eleazar) #5

he said metal or metal rimmed. Boss