Which yoyo should I review?


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i’d like to see a counter attack review


Yeah I think people are gonna want a review on the avant garde and counter attack. Haven’t seen. Many on here…


yea, i only wanted to see a review on the counter attack, 'cause i was thinking of getting one soon ;D


I may actually end up doing a 3 way review on the c-a, avant garde, and the g5…


I think the Avante Garde is the only one needing a review.

At least in my opinion, I seem to have read enough stuff about the Counter Attack and it’s not one that’s on my want list at the moment. I have a ONE and i like it, and have read reviews on it.

The G5 has gotten plenty of reviews as well, but at the price tag, a few more won’t hurt. Although I have to admit this is currently not a yoyo on my want list. Who knows, your review might change that.

The Avante Garde is new. It needs a review ASAP. But all I can say is that this is another model I am not interested in. Either way, it needs a review.


That would be both ambitious and beneficially informative. Studio42 might be right though. I am anxious to hear a report on the Avant Garde. If I were to venture a guess I suspect you will find the Avant Garde makes Varsity with the Counter Attack pluggin’ away on the JV squad.


Wow. Best metaphor I’ve heard all day.


maybe you should just do a review on the avant garde… i realize the counter attack isnt on most peoples “want list” but the best way to see if the counter attack is a good throw is to buy it myself and try it out