which yoyo should I get

  1. what size
    small, medium

rounded, H-shape

  1. response
    sillicone, o-rings

  2. modify
    kk bearing

doesn’t matter


  1. price

  2. skill level

  3. weight
    medium, heavy

please post what you think I should get. I have a dark magic, Dv888, G5

If you don’t mind friction stickers… a FH0 sounds like something your looking for.

I’d say Hectic it’s small and plays fast uses silicone K-pads and it doesn’t really need a KK but if you want a kk go with a center Track bearing plays the same only 5 bucks cheaper

the 5-star from generalyo is great. small rounded silicon response-just a little on the light side, but i read a revue saying that it felt heavier than they expected because it was so well ballanced. it is only $100 but good luck finding one in stock.

Should i get a Meteor,C13,BOSS or Genesis

boss IMO