Which yoyo should I get

So I really want a yoyo with splash coloring and I really like the Yoyofactory Yuuksta but I heard that it sometimes messes your bearing up so I am stuck between that and the acid washed yoyofactory G-funk Please help me make my decide

Insane throw. The splash you are looking for and nothing I have thrown has outplayed it. I can’t recommend this throw enough.

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I have looked at this yoyo a few times to so I will make sure to keep it in mind

Maybe you should do a review on it :).  Also back to the topic, I’d say try looking at other yoyos because at first I wasn’t impressed with the yuuksta as much as I hoped.  It grew on me and now I like it but just keep that in mind.  It’s great for horizontal (even though i’m horrible at it), fast, and smooth!

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My friend had a yuuksta and for some reason it has a place in my heart. It’s really smooth but go with your first instinct.

Yeah I am kind of skeptical because I have heard good things about it but also bad things so it kind of worries me

You can ask jax%^ for any questions. He had a yuuksta and liked until he stripped it.