Is the Yoyofactory Yuuksta a good yoyo

Hey everyone I was wondering if I should get the Yoyofactory Yuuksta. I have heard some good things about it and some bad so now I am asking you. The three yoyos I am thinking about getting are the Yoyofactory Yuuksta, the Yoyofactory G-funk, and the Recreational Revolution Oscillatrix. I now use a Dark Magic 2 and I love it but I would like to have another yoyo to see what other brands are like and I would like a splash or acid washed colored yoyo so please help me out, thanks

Man, there are ALOT of other great acid washed yoyos to try. I would say go for a genesis. its full sized but a GREAT throw. Why do you think so many people on YYF used it in worlds? As for the Yuuksta… In my opinion… is an over hyped YYF yoyo that doesnt meet the hype. The thing is rediculously unstable, Yeah its fast, but what good is speed if the dang thing wont keep spinning? I thought it sucked personally. Just my opinion. Try not to limit yourself to just YYF yoyos either, take a look at some throws by other companies, CLYW makes a pretty sweet acid wash too… Good luck man!

Thanks I actually dont own a yoyofactory yoyo I own a YoyoJam Dark Magic 2 that I love but YoyoJam doesnt make acid washed or Splash colored yoyos so I went to yoyo Factory but thanks for the info it helps alot

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Actually i would nab up one of those CLYW Bear vs mans that just dropped, there is some sweet colorways (tho im not sure if there is an acid washed one) and its a great yoyo. It would give you a chance to try a different size throw too.

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Go Oscillatrix. I have zero complaints and highly recommend to anyone and everyone. Insane spin times, awesome stabilty and does what you want it to do. Go Oscillatrix!

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Yeah I have heard lots of good things about the Oscillatrix and I think I am going to get it cause the Yuuksta keeps getting mixed feed back some say good things others say dont buy it but the Oscillatrix has gotten only good reviews its cheap and it is splash colored so thanks for the info and in helping me make my desicion

I have a Yuuksta, it is awesome if you like small yoyos. GET THE YUUKSTA!!!

Well my Yuuksta had a tilting issue but it was quickly corrected with a koncave bearing.