Which Yoyo should I get?(Advanced Member)

Hi Everyone,

I have just gotten back into Yoyoing after a year. My primary Yoyo is an 888 by Yoyofactory. I am considering purchasing a new yoyo. Do you guys have any reccomendations? I am almost to Expert Level 1 in this forum. I am looking for good ability do to complicated tricks along with good spin time.


If u want a good unresponsive yoyo that spins long. I think u should get the dv888 which is abouT 45 dollars

You’re fine. The 888 can handle pretty much anything. It’s not a yoyo I’m interested in though.

Since we’re already talking the $100 range and you’re up there in the skill level set. you’ve got loads of choices. One Drop’s Code 1, Code 2, 54, Dietz, Dang and Burnside are all great.

After that, there’s still an amazing amount of great yoyos both well under $100 and over. Most stuff in that price bracket tends to be really good stuff. You can pretty much do no wrong, unless you find that a yoyo just isn’t a good fit for you.

What about the Phenom? Is that a good yoyo? Or the Phenomizm? And doesnt Caribou Lodge make some good yoyos?

Also, my eye caught on the 1 drop 54. It looks like a beautiful Yoyo. Is this the one?? How is it performance wise?


Phenom is a favorite of mine. Phenomizm is great too.

CLYW makes some great stuff too, just it’s hard to get new. Used is the way to go, plenty out there. This brand really holds its value.

I like it. I like the Code 1 and Code 2 better, as well as the Burnside, but it’s still an amazing yoyo. It’s more “organic shaped”. Very comfortable. If you’re into grinds, you may wish to see if you can get an orange peel edition.