Which yoyo should I choose?

I need help choosing a good yoyo. I have 3 options in mind. Shutter Wide Angle, Atlas, and Civility. I don’t know which one is better overall. My friend says I should get the Atlas. My other friend says I should get the Civility so I can develop my tech tricks. And another friend says I should get the Shutter Wide Angle. I’m so confused. Which one should I choose?


Good news is, you can’t really go wrong. All of these are good enough for you to learn for years. Since you’re starting out and don’t know what your prefer, go with whichever you think looks the best, then you’ll learn your preferences over time


The point is I don’t know what to go with. They all look good. I drop my yoyo al lot so the Civility is good. I could use a wide yoyo so I can easily land stuff so I chose the Shutter Wide Angle. My friend says the Atlas is better than the Shutter Wide Angle. That’s why I narrowed down to these three options.

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i have a atlas and shutter wide angle personally i like the wide angle more but of those three you cant go wrong the reason i like the WA more is bc the atlas is really light but if you like a light yoyo then i would say the atlas but remember the atlas lacks spin time where as the others two dont lack spin time at all of these are good yoyos so all in all i would either get the WA or the civilty @annoyingorange12355


From this I narrowed down my options to WA and Civility.

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Maybe you can write down all of the specs for each of the yoyo’s. Maybe even cut out a circle for the diameter and a strip for the width. See what feels right? The weight will be a little tougher. You have the yyf velocity, right? Think about if that one is too heavy or too light as compared to the other 3.

If I had to pick one I would say Shutter Wide Angle. I feel like its probably the more “all around” yoyo of the 3. I’ve never even held the others but did a lot of research on them when I was just starting out. From what I remember the Atlas was designed for horizontal play and the civility was another all around good learning yoyo.

Good Luck! With any choice you will be light years ahead of the Velocity.


Which ever you choose… I think you should name her AMY :slight_smile:


I was gonna get the Civility. But its too expensive. Now I’m back to where I started. Should I choose Shutter Wide Angle or Civility. The Shutter Wide Angle it $40 less than the Civility. But I need the Civility to learn new tricks.

Yes, I do have the Velocity.

They’re both too good. My minds gonna blow on which one to choose. I also did a little bit more research. I found out that the Civility comes with Ceramic Center Trac Ultimate Bearing while the Shutter Wide Angle comes with YYF Size C (Large) Center Trac Bearing. The price difference between the Ultimate and the normal one is $20.

Go with the wide angle!!!

Yes, get the Shutter but buy it from www.yoyoexpert.com not the other place you’re browsing at.


I’m afraid I might regret buying the Shutter Wide Angle over the Civility. The Civility has high end string and a bearing which is 5 times better than the bearing in the Shutter.

Personally I didn’t want to like the wide angle but I love it! Bearing is a easy cheap swap. However the stock bearing is a great and beyond almost anyone’s abilities. String is subjective anyways.

I love it and I wanted to hate it.


To be clear, string is disposable and should never be a reason to buy a yoyo. Most string only last for minutes to hours, depending on play.

But my real point there was to stop posting things with the website of a competing store. It is against the terms of use on this forum to promote other retailers.


You can always buy “better” (it’s really all preference) bearings and strings down the road, especially if you save money going with one over the other. The Shutter WA has tons of fans, really solid yoyo. I’ve not heard of the civility but I’m sure it plays well, just a different feel than the WA.


I’m gonna wrap up this conversation. After all this talking, the yoyo that impressed me is the Shutter Wide Angle. I will defiantly get the Civility in the future if I get a chance. Thanks for the advice!


In case it helps your concerns, the Shutter and the Wide Angle were used to win 2 Championships. Neither the Shutter nor the Civility will “hold you back” from becoming the best yo-yo player in the world.


civility is boring, outdated, and overpriced IMO. Wangle shutter is a much better learning yoyo, if the Civilty apeals to you however, the Radius Nexus by C3 is a pretty similar yoyo that is a bit more modern and and plays better.


You will end up with a drawer full of different ones before long anyways… so any of those three will get your addiction started nicely:)