Which yoyo is the best for string tricks and for non-responsive use?

I am thinking about getting a better yoyo than the one I have now. I do the 1A style, and I know a fairly good range of tricks, whether side or front. Right now I have the responsive yoyo: Hotshot by Yomega. This is my list so far…
Dark Magic II
Recrev Sharp

If there is a better one out of the list, or even a different yoyo all together, please let me know…

Di Base

clyw gnarwhal

Your list is good except I wouldn’t really recommend the Sharp. It’s a bit too heavy for most. I have one but my kids trashed it. I am now on BST securing another one.

My preferences: DM2, with the 2 bearings and wider gap and bigger catch zone make it better for learning
dv888. Undersized.
Don’t have the Fever or the Raptor but both would also be good.

The DiBase would be a good choice. Thee Hitman Pro and XCon pro are small/undersized so they might not be as good.

Really, it depends on what you want to spend and your preferences.

oops didnt know you just started, my friend unresponsive yoyo was a 888x lol i would recomend the dm2, dv888 and i like the raptor from my prosective