Looking for a high quality 1A unresponsive yoyo + string...

Hello! I’ve been doing 1A for a while and would like to know what a good option for upgrading my yoyo and string would be. I am planning on taking 1A a lot more seriously so I want a yoyo that can do any trick I throw at it. I’m looking for a yoyo that will take me as far as possible and that is used at very high levels of play. I am not the best right now, but I’m looking to improve a lot more over the next year.

TL;DR: YOYO: 1A, unresponsive, $50-100, non-plastic (enjoy grinding). STRING: Any upgrade from fat kitty that would be good for slack/whipping tricks.

For more info, I’m going to use the stickied post’s method:

-Do you know how to bind the yoyo? (If you don’t know what bind means then you don’t know how)

-Do you have a yoyo that you own or played with that you have liked very much? Describe every detail. Eg. what kind of friction stickers you are using, cleaned bearing or not, and so on.
I am enjoying my MYY N12 very much right now. Love the sleep time, I lube it with thin lube biweekly ,and I liked the size and weight when staring out. I also have used a YYJ Dark Magic II for a little bit. I liked how light it was but preferred my N12 because I prefer no plastic and the YYJ went off axis much easier.

-Do you have a preferred shape of the yoyo? Answer it by saying like the shape similar to this or that yoyo. Some people just hopping into the yoyo groove haven’t tried all the shapes and want to explore. When this happens its all about experimenting. Please try new yoyos at contests or anywhere you can get ahold of someone for those of you in this situation. The more yos you try the less likely you are going to order something you don’t like. for those of you who live in a cave. then buy a yoyo and live with it.
I guess I would prefer something with a sharp design/shape if that makes sense. The two yoyos above are the extent of what I’ve tried. I liked the N12’s shape a little better because it had a less curved inside. So just by the two I’ve tried, the less curved the better. For the outside, it doesn’t really matter.

-Do you have a preferred weight or weight distribution? Answer it saying similar to this or that yoyo.
I would like it to be somewhere in between my N12 and YYJ’s Dark Magic. I feel like I get to much momentum from my N12 when doing some tricks and the Dark Magic feels better when it comes to weight, but that’s because it is half plastic.

-Do you have a price range?

-Do you have a certain amount of yoyos narrowed down? List them.
Unfortunately, I have no clue which ones would be close to this, which is the reason I am posting here. :slight_smile:

-Do you prefer a certain brand?

-Are you looking for a yoyo that specializes a style? Like looping, off string, freehand, etc.
1A String Tricks/Whipping

-Do you prefer a certain response syetem?

-Do you want hubsstacks or z stacks?
Have never tried any yoyo’s with stacks on them. I wouldn’t be against them but I still have never tried them or know what makes them good to have.

-What trick are you currently working on?
Swordless Ninja. I found it while browsing youtube yesterday and I have got the first half of the trick down: http://youtu.be/7SZdu0TkCNc

-Do you want a yoyo to Thumb grind or arm grind good?
Haven’t done much of either, but I find thumb grinds to look more interesting.

For string, all I am looking for is something better than fat kitty string. I am looking for something that I can whip easier.


Fat kitty string is basically the best string, so youre set there, but for a yoyo in the $50-$100 range I think basically any Blasted YYF or less-expensive OneDrop would suit your preferences perfectly. Those are good for grinds and for long spinning tricks.s

Try the 2Sick Gambit! You can purchase one by going to their website (2sickyoyos.tictail.com).
It is an amazing yoyo! Very smooth, fast and extremely adaptable. It was designed by Joey Serrano (Yomagic on the fourms) and is only $80!

As for string, I would recommend BigYoYoString. If you like a whippy and normal thickness string, go for Slix. If you like a thick and bouncy string, go for Fat Chicks. If you like a bouncy and whippy string, go for 3Lan~Muse. You can purchase some by contacting Jake Vande Walle (BigYoyoString on the fourms)