Beginner Unresponsive Setup


Evening all.

I’ve recently decided to get back into YoYo. I played years back with cheap responsive yoyos, and now that I’ve got more cash than I can handle, I’ve decided to get some great unresponsive yos.

I ordered two silver with black splatter barracudas, and I’m picking up a Janos edition from another forum member this weekend. I played a friends barracuda and loved it, so I decided to pick up a few of them. The Janos is going to be for 1a until I get very comfortable then I’m going to move to 3a with the two silver throws.

What I’m asking you is what I should use for the rest of the set up. Recommend to me the best bearings, strings, pads etc. money is not an issue.

I was thinking terrapin x winged, but you guys tell me.



The bearings and Etc. Are a Dif-E-Yo KK and if I’m fancy, I’ll throw a ceramic KK in.
As for string, I used to use Eric Koloski YYSL Venom, but it’s to expensive, so I use nylon Kitty
I use flowable silicone for all of my throws, then just sand it down a lot to get the response low, but that’s just my preference. I like a bit less response


For string, get a small pack of multiple brands. You will find the type you would like so you can buy a bigger pack.
Also, you would only need new string for a while. Get your technic down before changing the bearing.
I’ve had the barracuda for a while now and have yet to change the pads. I have enough yoyos to not throw it everyday. So you might want to pickup some silicone pads. The Duncan packs come with two sets making it a value.


There is no best bearing. Try them all and see what you like.