Which yoyo is better? im torn between these 2

  • UNPRLD ReCognition
  • YoyoFactory Spotlight

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random opinion: yyf overthrow is the ugliest yoyo

I haven’t tried either of these yoyos but If i had to chose just one to try out i would probably lean more towards the recognition. I absolutely love my unprld elevation and Ive heard many good things about the recog as well so i would definitely buy one if you can find it !!!

Short answer: ReCog is a fan favorite comp yoyo and it helps that you can usually find them relatively cheap.

In terms of the whole Cadence, ReCog, Movement, Invictus yoyos I found myself ranking them as such (best to worst in terms of personal preference).

ReCog → Invictus (need to acknowledge bias due to affiliation) → Movement → Cadence.

ReCog just kinda dominates with how solid it is but I ended up only keeping the Invictus since it combined certain aspects that I loved about the movement and ReCog.

yeah, IF i can find it

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Exactly :laughing: