Which yoyo is best for me?

My style of play is:

  1. Unresponsive
  2. Don’t care what response(i don’t really mind stickers)
  3. Long spin time
  4. Cool look(thats more my opinion)
  5. Smooth

The yoyos ive been thinking about are m1, project, g5, or 888? Which is best?

those facts you gave us dont really work. Each of those yoyos has all of those things. Give us more detail.

Either the M1, the Project, or the eight8eight.

Well, it is hard because so little info, but at least you told us something. But M1 is cheapest and easily competes with G5 and 888. If you like h shape go with g5 if you like Butterfly m1!

yeah all those yoyos fit what you want, absolutely every single 1A player wants those things so we need more info

If you’re looking for a metal, I’d say go for a Dif. You can’t go wrong w/ them.

I’m thinking about the aqua-yellow=jade green project, looks really cool. Also heard some good stuff about the project.

Its a great yoyo. Just make sure you buy back-up pads.

answer these questions and it will be easier for us to help you

1.what size do you prefer
2.what shape do you prefer
3.what response do you prefer
4.do you like to mod/maintain it
5.does color/stile matter
6.how does your stile relate to the yoyo

I know you might have answered some of those questions but add more detail in addition to those answers

1.I prefer decently small, but don’t really mind big.(About 50-70mm diameter)
3.Unresponsive so I can do every trick that requires unresponsive yoyo i.e. plastic whip
4. I usually just maintain the yoyo as it comes, mabye change the type of stickers but usually if it uses stickers just keep maintaining stickers.
5. Yes, which is why I really like the aqua-yellow project
6. I like smooth(feels good in hand and while spinning)


I am assuming youi have the Project? If so M1! As big as the Project, but a little narrower, can sleep forever, has great response, and is very good looking. My review will be up by the weekends.

Actually no, I don’t have the project.

Then get one! And some pads for it.

Project if you like