which yoyo do you prefer?

vote i need some anwers

hey adam. I voted for DM.

I only own a DM so my answer is very biased.

I own/have owned all of them, and I think the 888 takes the cake.

Mm…yoyo cake:

I have tried both a DM and an M1, i like the DM better cuz its bigger, but m1 is still good :smiley:

M1 is FTW. I like it better then all the choices… well maybe not 888 but I don’t have one >:(

thats cool, i’ve never seen yoyo cake before. Looks good :slight_smile:

the one with a bearing!


i have only tried the dm. ;D

Preproduction Bully plays like a pice of butter on a string, thanks dryoyo ;D ;D BTW it plays better than the production Bully.

I love my Superstar. About to get a G5, maybe have to change my vote.

m1s are great. I have tried and owned a 888, and don’t like the width and shape as much