Which yoyo,bearing,pads and string do you use today?


Today I use:

Yoyo: Turning Point Positron

Bearing: Dif-e-yo Konkave

Pads: Yoyofactory Green Natural

String: Normal Kitty Yellow

It’s a updated version of “what are you throwing today” thread :)!!!


I use the same set up every day

But for my classic:

Weird Generic KK bearing
19mm silicone response


Lunar Wind

Center Trac

19mm silicone pads

Big YoYo Candy String


Yoyo- delrin severe

Bearing- 10 ball Kk

Pads- white CBC pads

String- yellow yysl ammo


Trying a new setup on a good chunk of my throws, just using the Chief as an example.

Yoyo- Chief

Response- Flowable

Bearing- For now, a flat OD 10 ball, but I’m going to see how a Trifecta works out

String- Kitty 1.5, although I do like to use Ammo


Yoyo- Summit
Response- snow tire
String - type x
Bearing- konkave


Yoyo- Classic
Response- White CBC Pads
Bearing- CenterTrac
String: White YYSL AMMO
Yoyo- Surge
Response- YYJ Silicone Pads
Bearing- YYJ SPEED
String: White YYSL Type X


YoYo: Blue DM2

Response: Standard YYJ Pads, swapping to IR Pads once I can get them in bulk

Bearing: 10 Ball YYJ Speed (but I’m also swapping back and forth with a dry 8 Ball CT)

String: Some generic Poly Type 9, but I’m still experimenting, and trying to finish off the string I like least first, once the 9 is gone it’s back to my T6 & KS


Today I used:
Green DM2
Toxic string
Monkey snot response
& a konkave


Throwing these today:

One Drop Chik!
prototype Toxic string
clean One Drop 10-Ball
Flow Groove Pads

and this:
General Yo Majesty v.2
prototype Toxic String
clean AIGR bearing
Thick Smooth Hat Pads

(Jei Cheetah) #11

A spoon


No way! My old plastic spoon used to be the best, but I traded it for a mint condition G6 :confused: pretty bad decision now that I think of it.



My setup is a YYF Super G (Paul Han ed.) w/king yo star pads, a yoyoexpert bearing, and green normal kitty string.

My Other setup is a YYF AGI with 1/2 yyf yellow pads and 1/2 white pads w/a center trac and maybe ammo or type x :smile::smile:


For today Im using

CLYW Chief

Flat ceramic bearing

Snow tires



All Season Tires
One Drop 10 Ball Bearing
Kitty String


recrev f(x)

crucial grooved

ghost pads

purple 100% poly


A General Yo Ministar with Smooth Hat Pads, Toxic Yellow Jackets, and that fantastic bearing that came with my Ministar (It’s not an AIGR, but I can’t identify it).

Interesting story that goes along with this Ministar: Apparently it’s a 1/1. One of our forum members, Ibanez Guy88 helped/helps Ernie assemble throws, so he got his own colorway Ministar. It’s a half purple half red unengraved.



Duncan Raptor (Purple Anodize)

Dry Bearing

Yellow CBC pads.


Good choices sir, excellent throw, excellent string

My throw for today-
Yoyo: RecRev Sine//Saw
Response: Stock
Bearing: OD 10 Ball
String: Prototype Extra Tight 3lan~Muse String (check out the regular 3lan~Muse string by BYYS, it’s good!)