Set up question

Do everybody run the same bearing string and pads in all of your throws or no

Nah, mine are mostly played stock. But, I do remove the stock string, because I prefer another color. If I nitpicked over more than that, with all my throws, I’d be invested in this hobby on a whole other level. I set my boundaries, and this way is working for me just fine. :wink:

I’m curious, what have you been doing so far? :-\

I like to put CTs, CTXs, or KKs in my yoyos. As for response, I just use stock. I use Kitty Fat string for everything.

I mostly run the same string, Kitty Fats or XLs (depends on gap width/profile), with the exception of my Markmont. Next, which gets Dragons.

As for bearings, I’m constantly cleaning them and shifting them between throws. I have a ceramic KK that goes in my current favorite, then 4 ceramic Buddha Whipple bearings that go in my next 4 faves at the time. The rest get CTXs, CTs, and OD 10 balls in that order. Only throw that never switches bearings is my Bape.2, which always gets the Crucial Grooved that it came with.

For response, I used to immediately tear out stock pads and throw in some monkey snot. But now I’ve replaced my OD flow groove throws with flow groove, and keep any new throw with stock pads until I wear out the pads, then monkey snot to replace it.

Whipple bearing in all throws, kitty normal in all throws, stock pads till they wear out and then change them to whatever I have on hand.

Pads are stock haven’t had to change them yet and kitty 1.5 in all of my throws and bears are stock except for a 3 I had to change to ctx and a cg bearing

I try to run Terrapin X Delta Ceramics in all of my favorite throws, but The CTX I have has been impressing me, especially in terms of quietness… Still not a fan of 8 ball CTs

As far as string, I would love to use orange CLYW string in all of my throws, but I usually use whatever string I’m testing out lately, or trying to get rid of, or sometimes I splurge on my favorite throws and put a string I know for sure that I like on there

Response gets used until it’s worn out, and right now, I have a tube of monkey snot that works magically. I think the only response I tore out without being worn was the mighty flea’s because binds slipped so badly

rage bearings in all my throws… with the exception of my wooden ones.
luckey li string from king yo star
stock pads until they die then i silicone them.

I have 4 or 5 with KK bearings. Everything else is stock. On pads pretty much stock except I’ve swapped out Duncan friction stickers for Duncan sili pads.

I can’t afford to not run stock.

Fat Kitty, stock until both pads literally fall out, yes I will play with one response pad if one hasn’t fallen out… Usually stock bearing, if shot bearing or if i fell like it, then Buddha Whipple since they’re cheapest ones ever…
If both, used to be Buddha Pads or 19mm One Drops, now i have YYJ Silicone in 2 throws and I don’t have any response pads left… I need to get Flowable…

Anyone know if I could just get flowable silicone from the hardware store or something?


I mostly run stock Pads, bearing, and even the string that each throw comes with. I only change out the string and response, when they are worn out. I still play with the bearings that every one of my throws come stock with, I might change out if I want to test different setup’s with different throws. As for string, I usually use quite a variety of strings such as: Kitty(Normal, XL, Nylon, and Fat), YYSL(Venom, Ammo), Toxic(Dragons, Lacers), Epic strings(Whippy), Twisted strings(Type d and A), CLYW(Chubby), and YYR Strings. Still trying to find strings that suit me the best, but I like 'em all :wink:

I run stock pads and different bearings if not stock on my throws. My strings are either YYE 100% poly (green) or YYSL AMMO (blue)

Yes, or auto parts store.

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