Which Yo-Yo should I buy?


Hi! I am new here and I had some questions about which yoyo I should buy. (: A few months ago I yoyoed and loved every second of it. I had a dark magic, but around the niple of it, it like got a cut through it. I am not sure HOW it broke, but it did. After that, I gave up on yoyoing, but now that I have a little extra cash, I want to start back up again. I would really appreciate it if some people could give me advice on which of the three yoyos I should buy:
-Freehand Zero

I mainly will just be using 1A, but I might try some freehand too every now and then. All help will be appreciated! On any of these yoyos, would I need to buy spare friction pads or anything of the sort? Thanks in advance!

(J. Lev) #2

If I were you, I’d get a Velocity. Here’s Why. You won’t need any extra parts, except for string, of course.

Also, is your DM completely out of commission? If it still plays alright then I’d just save the money.


yep that explained it all


well if you know how to bind a yoyo get a protostar if not but u still want it go to youtube.com and look at how to bind a yoyo. if u dont want to do that then get a freehand.

ps if u get a protostar get it in grey it looks way better


if i were you i would get the legacy it is amazing


Thanks for the help guys! I decided to get a protostar after looking at a few other threads and reviews. If anyone could tell me some things that I should know about it, I would appreciate it. :slight_smile: