Which yo yo out of these 3 is your favorite?

Did you choose?
If you did, PLEASE no arguments or hate. I just want to know your opinion. :slight_smile:

Most likely the only reason you are asking this, is to find out which of these yoyos is the “best” in order to aid you in your purchase.

Do I happen to be correct?

Well, not really, I just want to know your opinion is all.

haha this is the first time that i see that samad was wrong

Refrains from saying something

Yea, he probably did make this to decide what he should get, why else would he make this topic? There has to be a reason.

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Maybe for the same reason I made my YoYoFactory poll? Just to see every else’s opion.

You made a company, he made 3 yoyos poll, why zone in on these three? YYf is a major brand and it is obvious you made that for entertainment/ info on Opinion. while this is very specific, If you dont mind me asking Ultimate YO why these yoyo’s?

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Since I know he only made this thread to decide what to get:

If you want a small round yoyo, get the 888x. If you want a flat rimmed yoyo, the Dv888 is for you. But, if you want a more unique shape, get the Lunatic.

See, was that so hard? Just ask, don’t try and be clever about it. When you make polls based on what other people like, so you can decide what to get, it is most likely you will end up with something you don’t like.

Between me and him, we already own all 3 of these yo-yos (except I have the 888 Classic, he just didn’t know which model I had), so it was purely seeking opinions in this case. This is my 10 year old brother Samad and he’s really excited to be a part of this community. Be nice to him.

People always get defensive about their brothers. I was never mean to him.

Yup, second time I’ve seen it happen, with Samad being blamed in both cases. In those cases, Samad wasn’t very mean at all. One time he was joking, and the joke wasn’t mean, nor directed at the guy. The other time (this case) Samad was helping the guy get a yoyo he would like, instead of just stating his opinion and letting him get something he most likely wouldn’t like. Not mean at all.


Please read reply #3.

Yes, agreed, but the same applies for both sides. In my case, I wasn’t saying that he was necessarily being mean, and the ‘be nice’ comment was half joking as well. We’re both at a disadvantage here because there is no tone of voice that can be identified through words typed on the screen; all we have are little smiley faces whose meaning can be every bit as vague as without. I can’t help but feel that much of the time, your (Samad) implied tone does come off a bit abraisive. And for a young kid who’s trying hardto gain acceptance from a community who shares in his interest, I couldn’t imagine that tone being taken any lighter, whether or not it was intended as such. But the thing that got me was that he told you that he wasn’t deciding a purchase, which was every bit true (seeing as he owns the Lunatic and I own the DV888 and 888, , and then I read “Since I know he only made this thread to decide what to get:”. I’m not sure if that was the joke, but again I’m working off the ambiguous words on the computer screen, so I can’t really tell. Anyway, this wasn’t intended to turn into a huge flaming argument, just saying jokes are cool if they are presented as jokes (I cracked up at your “Let me Google that for you” post on that guy’s Kickside review thread), but sometimes it seemingly turns a bit harsh as the tone of voice is lost in translation.

Oh, my apologies. I hadn’t realized it was my duty to hand everything everyone wanted on a gold plate, and make sure my tone was completely identified in all of my posts.

How silly of me.


sigh What’s the use :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, It’s hard to win an argument against Samad. Many have tried, none came out alive…
Lol, just kidding I’m bored.