Which yo-yo is a good pick?

It’s difficult to get yo-yo’s here in Lithuania and the choice is very limited. So could you give an opinion of these 4 yo-yo’s and tell me which do you think is best? :slight_smile:

F.A.S.T. 201

This would probably be my first “quality” yo-yo, that is actually branded and comparatively… Expensive.
And though I prefer 1A, I would like to try out all the styles of play :smiley:


Watching all the review videos now I am considering between FAST 201 and Onestar. They both look very desirable :smiley:


Definitely OneStar, but you’ll need to know how to bind

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I sixth the ONEstar out of those choices. Or the Velocity if you don’t want to learn to bind yet. If you can’t bind, but are open to learning it, I’d still get the ONEstar and learn how to on it.

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I suppose I know how to bind. But so far it has been pointless when none of my yo yo’s can spin longer than 15 seconds at max on a good day ;D

Onestar is the best quality unresponsive. Velocity would be best responsive yoyo to get.

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Thanks for the opinions guys. I looked into, read up and already ordered the Onestar.

Can’t wait o3o

onestar all day…

This sounds like a DITTO machine but like the others I suggest Onestar.

You made a great choice with the OneStar

Good luck on your journey to yoyo mastery! With the ONEstar attached to your finger, the only thing that could hold you back would be you for a long time.

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Old Yoer, that’s exactly what I wanted to hear :smiley:

Then again, using poor yo yo’s that don’t spin for longer than 10 seconds might have actually made me push myself to do everything as neatly and as fast as possible, hopefully :smiley: