Some help to a noob :p


Hello my friends. I would appreciate if somebody could give some answers and advices. I’m looking to buy a new yo yo (I had a velocity but now it’s broken ) my choices are: whip, ONE , velocity, Onestar. To be honest i have try only responsive style. My answers are: what do u suggest me ?
If I buy an unresponsive yo yo could I make it responsive?
And finally what is 1A, 2A…5A tricks ?

Sorry for the large text and my bad English. :slight_smile:


I would recommend trying out unresponsive yoyos… The YYF Replay (responsive) is great and so is the YYF Replay Pro (unresponsive).

See the link below on the different styles of play:



Thanks TripleOne that was really helpful :slight_smile:


You’re very welcome! :slight_smile:


No problem. Your English is as good as some of the native speakers that inhabit this place.