Need some advice guys.

I don’t know what too do.Do i wait until my £15 comes through so i can buy a velocity?

Or do I just get it over with and just buy a spinstar already? ???

Which one do you want more?

and remember, patience is a virtue.

I’ve been reccomended a Velocity.But the spin star and velocity both have the same functions but the dial on velocity works better.But the spinstar looks cool but the velocity colour just looks weired too me.

It’s all up to you… people can recommend yoyos or whatever… it all comes down to which one YOU want… which one you’re happy with.

Hmmmm…I’ve just figured out i get my full money in tommorow.

So i’ll probably get the Velocity.


The major difference between the Velocity’s current version and any other F.A.S.T. yo-yos is that the Velocity has K-Pads where as the Spinstar and the F.A.S.T. 201 have starbursts. My wife for example prefers Starburst response over pad response or flow groove, where as I am the opposite. Make sure you know what you are buying or your purchase might end up on the B/S/T. I know for a fact that the Velocity can pull off ANY trick, responsive or unresponsive, if you are primarily going to be playing 1A I would recommend either cleaning your bearing or just breaking in the bearing on the Velocity, you won’t be disappointed. As for the colors, I have the Green (Yellow?) Translucent with black dials Velocity. The pictures online don’t really do it justice.

The velocity is so good and can play unresponsive