which toxic strings do you prefer?

The regular ones,Metz,Snakes…which one?
I know people just say preference but which do you think is great.
They say snakes are for slicker/faster play but is it really a big difference compared to the regular ones?
same with Metz is it really different to the regular ones.
NOTE:I have never used any kind of toxic strings,just normal kitties.
I’m thinking about buying different batches of strings to try them out and see which ones I like the most.

it sounds like you should get the toxic sampler pack. it comes with one of each of their strings, so you can try them all! I got it for $5.50. but my favorite of all is metz, they play super great!

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The Metz are the softest of toxic strings. Dragons are the slickest and are the fastest. Snakes are like a mix between bg1s and dragons, slick like dragon but thicker. Bg1s are a medium thickness with some slick to it but not as much as snakes or dragons. Gr3At Whites are like Metz except the thickness is right in between the thick and thin. I usually prefer bg1s or gr3At whites

Theyve been out of stock for a while, I want to get one too :-\

BG1’s all day. However, they get a bit “fuzzy” pretty quickly compared to other premium strings (though the fuzziness doesn’t seem to detract from play and they otherwise last a LONG time!).

When I’m rocking BG1, it’s one fresh string per week. Other Toxic strings (their original one, or the Dragon) can last over a month if you let it!

I ordered one recently, they just restocked!

I like the toxic atomic wonder threads (I can’t remember the style just now but it’s a nice string).

atomic wonder?

It’s just their basic string in the color atomic rainbow. Look at the toxic “strings” page and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

yeah I know what you’re talking about, I’m sponsored by toxic. I was just saying the name :stuck_out_tongue:

Oops in the original post I forgot the atomic part hehe.

I am slightly slow today…