Which side effect should I buy for my red and green yelets?


I’m wondering which color and what type, like spike or something would be the best! It’s coming with a gold dome one.! Help! Thanks!


Actually for a red/green yoyo gold works VERY well… I would say either spikes, domes or UL’s should do just fine. If I were you I would order a few sets of red and green Side Effects of the domes, spikes and UL’s. Then you can put the opposite color in. So on the red half you use the green SE and on the green half you use the red SE…


Ultralights for smooth and fast and spikes for more floaty but as to color, its your preference.


Grab the Lego ones at YYE before they run out. They have red.


Yellow/gold domes to give the YoYo a Christmas look


Ok! Thanks!