Which side do you wear your yoyo holder/holster on?

Just curious. I always wear mine on my right side, unless I’m playing guitar, then I switch it over to m left side so I don’t damage my guitars.

I prefer the right side.

Left. Normally I have my pocket knife on the right side, so I don’t want to scratch my yoyo.

left because I drive and my seat belt buckles on the right. If my yoyo is cliped over there then it gets straped down to my side sometimes. Also I carry my keys for work on the right side.

I stopped carrying one with a holster because it kept knockin into too many things.

On the right.

Left, because when I get in and out of car.


I’ve always worn mine on the left and never thought about why. It just seemed to be where it belonged.

I’m right handed so one might have thought I would have favored my right side instead. What about you southpaws? (Abby, I’m looking at you.) Which side do left handers prefer?

At first I thought this was kind of a frivolous topic of conversation but now I’m intrigued. I suppose sitting in the car and buckling my seat belt may have contributed to my choice. Funny, I’ve never thought about it before. I just did what seemed natural.

I have an unusually long strap for mine and wear it like a tail

Right, I clip it on to my key carabiner(or whatever its called). Can’t wait to pick up a descender holster! Gonna be one sexy bracelet.

We don’t have any yoyo hipsters, lol.

Left side cause I’m left handed.