Which Pride should I get?

Let me know what you guys think I should get!

Also, you can give some input here:

I’m getting a Jawbreaker.

Voted for my colorway :wink: I’m biased haha.

I’m leaning towards yours anyway, its so nice I can’t help it :wink: I just don’t know if variety is the better choice

You forgot my favorite, this little guy :stuck_out_tongue: Haven’t been able to put it down very much since I got it. Real talk though, all of the colorways for the Pride are AWESOME. I Love the 6061 that you see here, and I’m picking up a 7075 tonight as well. I think you will be well served with either one.

I went with your colorway, I think it will look nice with my neon yellow type x ;D 1 of the 2

Well, I’m on the app, and I’m pretty sure this is a poll, so…