which one?

where can i go to see it?

you can have a look at it at www.yoyoz.co.uk
And i know they had a lot of issues with bootlegging yoyos but to the best of my knowledge, this is not a bootleg.

Doesn’t mean the L3 isn’t a great yoyo.

Hubstacks are a little helpful, though. I made up my own version of Koloski Tower and you can drop it into a Trapeze.

I’d say get a 2nd run beadblasted 5-star. Pure awesomeness. Coming 16th of June. Link: http://generalyo.com/  ;D :wink:

OH! Thats sick!!! Do Matador with that! :o

the 5-star is limited edition and i dont have enough money and they will sell out pretty speedy