Which one to buy?

Which one should I buy and what are the pros and cons of each one.

you should definatly get a 888

Totally in my preference, 888x. It also rules for grinding.

yea it is the best at grinding
look at it

888x its smooth and has great grinds. btw i dont own one. i just use my friends.

Totally in my preference, we should ask the OP’s preferences before we blindly shout out a recommendation. They’re both amazing yoyos with completely different feels. It is true that the 888x is a beast for grinds, but the G5 is also a very excellent grinder as well. And quite honestly, my G5 is playing smoother now than my 888x is.

If you like small and round, go with the 888x. If you like larger and angular, go with the G5. Pick which one fits your preferences as far as shape and size, or if you have no preferences, flip a coin or go with whichever one you think looks cooler.

defenetly an 888x and now theres the special version of the 44 with hubs. but still 888x is so much better then g5.

yea a lot better