Which of the YYJ 40$'s fit?

I want speed, first of all. I am a fan of YYJ metal plastics, I dont mind a grind lip or stacks. Some of my newer tricks involve the yo being surrounded by a web in witch it hops from string to string in frontside, so I need something that has a good sized gap, (YYJ size C bearing) and isnt too wide in terms of diameter that I can easily hop it off the string. It needs to be of medium weight though I dont mind if it is undersized, but I dont perfer oversized. I know most binds, and would perfer a double O-ring (I cant stand starburst) to hybird. Not shure if a metal-plastic can match Hiroyuki Suzuki’s speed with the speed maker, but that would be great if one could.

perhaps the eneme, I really like the Dark Magic but it sounds like it wont fit your preferences

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It sounds to me like you’ve got it all figured out already, Reokie. I’d say just hit the store and match up specs with your preferences and you’re good to go.

Speed is up to you, but obviously the Speeder is built for speed and in your price range. I don’t personally like the Speeder very much, though. My recommendation would be the Hitman. Slightly smaller than alot of the other YYJ hybrids for easier hops in tight spaces, fits your response preference, and just an overall great throw for the price.

As ratfacedudeguy said, the Hitman fits your preferences exactly.

X-convict, but it is not made to go that fast (it can, don’t tell me!). It has the spin times, slightly undersized, and wide for easy hops and string catches. Same with The Hitman. It has a really comfy shape!

like yoyofool said the dm doesnt fit what u want :-\

Based on what you have said the DM wouldn’t be for you but I think your prefrences are misguided. But that is my opinion and for your preferences I would chose a New Breed. I think you will find that width is not a problem no matter how advaned your tricks become.

yes i would recommend the hitman it can go really fast but i find it much easier to go fast with metals