YoYos that play like the YYJ Speed Maker


looking for a yoyo that plays as close as possible to the Speed Maker. it’s one of my favorite yoyos when it comes to feel but if there is a metal one that is similar i’d prefer getting one of those.

(SR) #2

You could get a YYJ Chaser, or a Phenomism or even a YYJ Phenom. I would just look for any metal yoyo with an organic shape because every single one of them is probably better than your speedmaker. haha

Not to dis it, but it’s just not that great of a yoyo. lol


I tend to agree that the Speed Maker isn’t that great of a yoyo, yet I still like it a lot.

If you’re looking to go full metal, it’s time for a full metal. Leave the Speed Maker behind and commit to a new experience.


BreakBeatYo Lover has a relative light weight that is closer to the Speed Maker. I don’t know how it plays though, never tried one.


Why not try out a spyy addiction or a SOMETHING FIRMY if you want something cheap. The former, I own and love, the latter is a similar throw in that it is micky’s as well.