Which new YYF are you most looking forward to?

The Die Nasty caught my attention. It looks worthy to be my 5A yoyo! :wink: Anyone know its possible price range?


So far, Catch 13.

But I’m not sure what’s coming next.

Ben is probably saving the best for last.

Right now the boss and the c13 are the most appealing. But, I’m sure there will be 1 or 2 more coming that I’ll also want. Hopefully not though; I don’t want to have to buy all of them.

Tyler’s sig yoyo.

Shooting for around $15

Not sure yet… Looking at the boss and c13… Its hard to say because only half of em are out… I’ll vote in 20 days

Adjustomatic, the shape looks perfect for me.

Tylers and Miggys signature yoyos.

Boss,it looks awesome!

Now that Tyler is using Miggy’s, he might not get one :frowning:

Any body have pics of the c13?

Thanks for the pics, does anyone know how much it will be?

C13 so far. I hope there’s something insane for last!

i voted for the die-nasty.

i really would like to see what else they come up with, but i voted out of those.

i’m a fan of 5a, and i hope this yoyo can really play good. it kind of looks like a new generation spin-off of the freehand zero.

die nasty! steve brown 5a ftw

steve brown made that one?

i thought he was sponsered by duncan.

He left Duncan a looong time ago. They really ripped him off too.