Which is the best yoyojam plastic here

To mod it i will silicone recess it,put silicone in it,and satin it.

Legacy is the best imo. And if you get a Legacy, all you need to do is satin it.

I want to mod my first yoyo.

lyn fury out of those, but the best YYJ plastic is the legacy.

Wouldn’t even need to satin it. It’s great stock.

For doing those things, maybe like a Kickside?

EDIT: No need to have two topics on this. Plus the answer is any of them.

(I totally didn’t double post that without realizing…)


h00t bias…

there is no best. Honestly. There are some that are better built but they all play best for different people. For what you want to do I would choose the kickside.

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There’s no best YYJ Plastic out there because each yo-yo plays differently and each player has different taste.

Honestly out of those three, I’ve seen people mod the Kickside and Lyn the most.

its the legacy but they say its noisy

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