Which is Easier to Learn?


Was just wondering cos I’m learning both…

(Mark) #2

This varies between people. If you usually have more control in one hand or want to do complex tricks, 1A. If you can control both hands relatively equally, like responsiveness and flare, 2A. Also, though this isn’t fully proven, it is said you learn something faster if you enjoy it.


I think most people start out in 1a learning the basics. After that, it depends on which tricks they like better looping tricks or string tricks. Depending on which ones they like they will start to lean towards one style or the other naturally. Of course depending on who you yo with will heavily influence this as well. AAahhhh peer pressure!!! Good luck.


It depends on whether you’re learning the right way. Like people who are trying to learn 1A without throwing properly will have a hard time, people who are trying to learn looping without knowing the proper angle techniques will have a hard time. ALso, some people have bad habits, which will hinder learning.

Other than that, I think 2a improves your throwing control, and could help in 1A. But different people learn differently.


Im a righty and im retarded in my left hand, no offense to any handicapped; will edit if necessary, like, i cant even through a mosquito in my left hand… at all… so im a 1a and 9a guy, just started 9a.

9a is a combo of 5a and 4a. 5a + 4a = 9a not 9a^2 that would be 5a x 4a

(Yo!It'sMatt) #6

It depends.
I have really bad control alternating hands and stuff.
So 2A is crazy hard for me.


For the basics, 1A is easier. After you get some basic things down, they aren’t easier, just different.


I found that learning 1a was easier than 2a. But then again, I really suck at 2a…

9a^2 would be 81a2. a2 meaning A squared; just sayin’.

(Cinimod105) #9

Maybe you could try doing 2A first to get a callous on your finger more quickly before doing 1A.


Imo, 2A suffocates your fingers worse than 1a, because the string is dragging the skin back and forth vigorously. Even though i already have a callous for 1a, it still hurts for 2a. You may say it gives you a callous faster, but its torture.

But he is already learing 2a.



IT depends on you.

What do you like more?

Single A? or Double A?

Just ask yourself…

Then go and learn the division

But I go for Double A, Not so complicated & tricky, Unlike Single A, If you want so, It’s really okay, I want also to play 2A, But I don’t have a pair of looping Yo-yo’s. :smiley:


havent really tried 1A yet… getting my speeder next friday.

as for 2A, well i chose to learn it cos it’s visually entertaining, and there aren’t so many tricks to learn. It’s more of practicing the same stuff. things like shoot the moon are really tough, havent really succeeded before but i’ve had my fair share of hitting myself :-\ i’m really bad at alternating the double loops too, and can barely pull off consecutive hop the fence-s

the callous on both my fingers are there already, dont feel the strangling effect anymore :stuck_out_tongue: