Hardest Style? (What do you think it is?)


What do you think it is? Whats your Reason?


3a. I think most people would say 2a but I think that’s because everyone starts off with 1a nowadays so 3a would seem easier then it really is. I think to an absolute newcomer, 3a would be the hardest style to learn.


I know this isn’t the type of answer you are looking for, but I think Luis Enrique’s style is very difficult. As far as what “a” style, I would have to say 3A as well.


Agreed, you need to able to control your non-dominant hand very well and if i even attempt to try it id probably ding them to high heaven ;D


For me it’s 2A :stuck_out_tongue:

For me its just harder to start to get consistent and I just really suck at trying to learn wraps… I’ll get there someday when I gather up the courage to not get hit in the face again and when I get a 2A pair (I used my friends’ Loop 1080s and he moved so I don’t have a pair :stuck_out_tongue: )

I play all the other styles though and I found 3A wasn’t really that hard to get into ame that I don’t really care about dings or scratches. But then again I’m using plastics haha… I’ll get metals soon… 4A and 5A were kinda on par with each other when I started them, it was a bit challenging but now I find 5A as a style to be easier to learn and come up with tricks and 4A was a bit harder to come up with my own stuff while it was the opposite not too long ago (I landed everything here in 4A on YYE before getting even halfway through level 2 of Miggys tuts)


Why don’t you read the thread from last week?


My brother played 2A he bought two fresh loop 1080’s and a crap load of string. After a few days he quit yo-yoing said it was to hard and he just wasted over 30 dollars. Now he has all of his former skill toys laying on the ground scattered about. He went to something easier playing pokemon. there is a lesson in this somewhere?




Double handed.
So 2A, 3A, Double Dragon, etc.


We’ve had this thread plenty if times and the general consensus in the end every time was 2a and 3a.

(rizkiyoist) #11

For me it’s 3a, because I play 2a it’s not that hard now… not sure which is harder if I started off from scratch.

He quits too soon, way too soon… a few days? ha! I did 2a for the last 3 years, still not happy with my left hand. If one can learn 2a in just a few days/weeks, there will be plenty of 2a competitors out there by now…
Once you get the basics down (usually like 1-2 years of proper practice) it’s getting somewhat easier…

(major_seventh) #12

3a you can take your time, be choppy, and then smooth out your tricks once you’ve learned them.

2a is just pure practice. You can’t really test out a trick. You just have to go 100% for it.


1a is the most competitive, so I think it’s the hardest to get world class at, but for difficulty in general, 2a is hard.


Can I have the pair of 1080’s with some of the crap load of string? ::slight_smile:

(Trickster) #15

I said 3a but the hardest style I’ve seen is 3a with counterweights I don’t remember the name of it but its really hard.


3A for sure plus you have the risk of dinging your yoyos when you do it :o