Which instrument should i play?

So hi everyone :slight_smile:

I am taking a Beginner string class next year at my high school. I wanted your opinions. i am taking the class cuz i want to fulfill my asianess. so which one should i play?

Go for the Viola, you will end up reading in C clef (which might throw you off if you’re used to G/F clef).
Viola is the man version of the violin.

If you don’t go for the Viola, I’d say cello. There’s some great modern russian pieces for piano and cello out there, with lot of intricacies.

well, technically a strings instrument, but usually not in the strings section

the piano, once you play the piano, you can play anything

trumpet FTW!!! … or if your set on strings go for viola… ( or you could do more than one)… i know trumpet, trombone, piano and guitar (in order from most to least familiar)

trumpets will always be in my heart…BUT viola and double bass are really good options

Read this then

Too bad its a string class, I don’t know if your school counts piano as a string instrument

learn protools/logic with ableton or reason.

I would say cello. I really dig it more than the violin. Has a much richer tone as opposed to squeakier.

I think you should listen to all the instruments and choose the one you think sounds best.

Sounding nice isn’t the same thing as being an enjoyable instrument to play.


Personally I like the sound of the cello after one of girl friends got me to listen to it.

im a 3rd year violin and im 1st chair and i take private lessons and its very fun and my school goes to the macys day parade sometimes and they are mostly runnerup in state contest and they have a huge band/orchestra

There’s a little something called personal sound. Don’t listen to both instruments, play both, and then figure. Just like with yoyos.