which cylw should i get?

I’ve tried a Summit, Avalanche, CB Avalanche, Chief, Glacier Express, Sasquatch, Peak, Wooly Marmot, Canvas, Campfire, Cliff, Bear vs Man, Puffin, Gnarwhal, Bear vs Man 2, Arctic Circle, and I ordered a Yeti last night. What do?

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Arctic circle 2… The most new is the best


Dude, you need to try some more… Your like missing 4…

Dude you got to try that og peak! It’s obviously better than the other ones

What to do? Buy all of them. ;D

half og peak half 3rd run peak with a recently cleaned (with 6 drops of lube) twisted ten ball konkave buddha trac bearing and one of those new $2 strings that some yyf guy apparently uses so theyre totally worth 5x as much as any other string

maybe add some duncan offstring spacers and a shinwoo lightup kit too


All you’ve done is list yoyos you’ve thrown. Please list your preferences otherwise we can’t give you informed advice. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Whatever it is just make sure it’s Kyle proof. I don’t have the time to give it a facelift!

I prefer my yoyos to be floaty and solid, but between 52 and 60 mm in diameter. Heavier than 60 but if it’s over 75 that’s too much. I hate organic, H, and V shaped throws.

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In which case the H5xChief as it is in the middle of all of your spec ranges, and you haven’t tried it yet. Finally I would think about picking up a Galactic Goose, as it has these nice ridges that open up a new type of play which I have developed called railing. It’s like grinding only using a string.

Hmmmm, I say get a cliff.

Or get Dirtbag Yeti’s wooden return top and mod it.

Get a Snipe.

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Actually I haven’t played an H5xChief lol. I’ve always iffy on the GG, though. It just looks like I wouldn’t enjoy it.


Or the Peak 2. All it is is 2 rims suspended in the air around a bearing, and once Chris stops making them people will suddenly believe it is the most magical thing on the face of the Earth, and pay upwards of a thousand dollars for it.

witch one did u get???