Which custom string?

So I’ve been toying with the idea of buying some strings from one or two of the custom string makers here on the forums, just not sure which ones I should try.

My favorite strings right now are probably kitty XL, so looking for something similar.

You should aim for something better than kitty if you’re getting boutique strings

Well, I got them as extras in a purchase on the BST. They are great though. I’ve also tried kitty fats that I got in a trade and like then pretty well also. I’ve got 2 Toxic Drakens and about 3 Toxic Dragons, but haven’t tried them out yet (from what I read, the Draken is like a holy grail of strings).

I’m still pretty new to the world of yoyoing after a 15 year absence. What types of string would you revoke with comparable size and feel to a kitty XL or fat? Mostly XL though.

Try out some YoYo String Lab Ammo.  It’s a really nice fatter string.

I was hoping to try out some of the people from the custom string makers board. Thanks for the suggestion though.

Try the Grand Rapids strings. I doubt you will be disappointed. I would highly recommend them if you like thicker strings, and I’ve played a lot of string.

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Do you want to try homemade strings?
If so, YYSL are homemade, they’re just a “bigger” homemade company