Which Company??

If one of all of the yoyo manufacturers were to close,which one would it be? :smiley:

Madhouse, they are already gone :stuck_out_tongue:


Madhouse is done?

Basically but not 100% sure

What in the name of…? Why? :frowning:

mod mod
Yomega maybe? Not many people play 2A now… And… it seems that 2A is their main business. Correct me if I’m wrong people. 8)

Not saying you’re wrong, but I’ve been under the impression that more people are getting into 2a then before. It’s really hard to tell though.

Yomega will never die. They are in countries you’ve never heard of selling to the general public, which is way more than the yoyo community.

I’m sorry but this topic bothers me. I don’t wish any company to stop producing.

I stand corrected then, CaliBuddha and Apetrunk.

And come to think of it. This IS disturbing… :-\

Heres a yoyo company that we can all agree to close
Have a look in their website and I think you’ll agree

I see what you mean, but I don’t think the OP was asking which company we want to close, but which company seems like it could be closing soon.

Thats a shot in the dark Ape. I agree with Icthus and I see this thread going nowhere good. A majority of the yoyo companies have yoyos sold by Yoyoexpert and I would hate to have any of them see this thread if thats how it turns out.

I completely disagree. These yoyo’s may spark a kid into geting into yoyoing and thus buying better yoyo’s. :confused:

You are right Brian but you see what everyone is doing.

All too well.

So this is a warning to anybody replying to this thread: it will be locked/deleted as soon as anybody says they wish some company would close instead of actually responding to the original poster’s question of which companies seem to be closing. Keep replies on topic, people!

Yoyofactory all the way.


They all something to offer (ESPECIALLY YYF), so none.

Never… NEVER ZimZam.

Lol K-Strass will stop the business when he kills himself with his yo-yos