Which bearing size spin faster?


Hey guys,
Which bearing size spin faster? For example: 888 large bearing or 888 small bearing.
What’s the difference between them? I’m pretty curious… :-\

Happy Throwing! =]

(SR) #2

They say SB does. But that’s wiith the dv888. You can read that on the dv888 product page.


It’s all here. http://www.theyo.com/yoyo/showthread.php?p=602516
If I read it right, small spins faster but not as long.


I suppose it doesn’t necessarily spin faster, but with more revolutions per minute.


Oh ok, Macca said, “Large bearing, less responsive, can take lots of layers of string.”

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The larger the bearing, the longer it spins :wink:


Ok I got it, Thanks guys.

Happy Throwing! =]