Which bearing is the best (large size C)?


So I have now just about sorted out the yoyo I will buy for Moebius (just look at my profile and look at my recent posts then look for the poll) and now I need to see which bearings are better. Thanks :wink:


All of the bearings you chose kinda suck. Centertracks can be good but in my experience they are usually bad. I would go with a kk or a crucial grooved


I’ve had good results with all those bearings.

I prefer the YYJ Speed over the YYF SPEC, mostly as I’ve had more bad YYF SPEC bearings than bad YYJ Speed bearings. Not big numbers, 3 YYF’s bad to 1 YYJ Speed bad. I’ve also had a bad One Drop 10 Ball too, so hey, stuff happens. Given a choice of the YYJ over the YYF, I actually prefer the feel of the YYJ Speed bearing.

I’ve had no issue with CenterTrac bearings either. No failures of this variety.

Really, it comes down to matching the yoyo to the person along with the bearing to the yoyo for the person. There’s no “right” answer, and without knowing the yoyo, what good is trying to choose a bearing? Then again, it may make no difference, because sometimes the stock bearing turns out to be the best sometimes. That’s just how it goes based on the user, yoyo and bearing combination.


Parts are parts. There is no need to spend extra money for marginal gains. Just use the bearing that your yo-yo comes with.


I don’t completely agree. I do feel that for 95% of users, whatever is stock is fine. I also feel that, despite the fact it puts more money in the pockets of stores like YYE, many of us should have a selection of the different bearings so we can experiment with. Sometimes the difference can be dramatic, sometimes not, sometimes useless.

For example, I put in a Dry Play treated Trifecta into a Burnside and the difference was amazing.

I popped a KK in my Speeder 2 and now I’m really liking that yoyo.

I tried nearly everything in my Chaser, and it played best with the stock bearing. Waste of time!

The Trifecta I put in my TI-5 was an improvement over whatever was stock in there. Marginal, yes, but an improvement.

I’m not completely convinced the CenterTrac in my Comeback Ava is a vast improvement over the flat in my Matterhorn Avalanche.


By that logic, 888s are perfect for everyone.

The bearing is just a part of the yoyo, just as the yoyo halves, response, string, and axle are. You need them all, and the great this is that they’re all highly customizable.

That being said, if I had to choose out of those 3, I’d probably choose a Center Trac. Though, to me, it depends on the yoyo.
Through the many bearings I’ve tested in many different yoyos, I’ve found a couple trends that work for me.
TP/YYJokers get Center Tracs.
CLYWs get concaves or flat 8-balls.
OD work fantastically with 10-balls, but I prefer concaves.
YYR gets concaves.
I also noticed that I tend to put ‘boutique’ bearings in my higher end yoyos. Ex. My Ti Walker gets a Terrapin X.

But for the most part, I just throw a cheap Chinese concave bearing into pretty much everything.


I usually play with a KK ceramic in my everyday throws.


Since you want to do moebius I say get the center trac. Keeps the string away from the sides but allows room for layers of string and if the slipknot loop has to pass through the gap then it shouldn’t cause any problems.

(Zammy Ickler ) #9

Moebius can be done with any form of A sized or C sized bearing out there in the market today.

What the issue is that you have to consider following conditions:

-Is the bearing lubed so it causes responsiveness?
-Is the response set up recessed?
-Is the gap of the yoyo large enough to allow Moebius to happen?

All of these conditions need to be addressed.

-If the bearing is lubed, slipknot play (Moebius) will not happen because if the not goes into the gap then it will smack back to your hands.

-If the response is not recessed, the knot part of the slipknot loop will cause more friction and make the yoyo smack back to your hands, not allowing any kind of no handed tricks to happen.

-If the gap of the yoyo is not large enough, again…the knot part will not be able to even pass through.

Moebius is about many things that people seem to just think “Oh, I can just do this and this and it will happen.” If you do not understand the conditions you will never be able to get far with it. Moebius is also about avoiding the knot part of the slipknot loop as well.